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realme is a technology brand officially established on Aug 28, 2018 by Sky Li. The aspiration of realme is to provide products with a comprehensive superior experience for the young, and realme is committed to be a trendsetting technology brand.

Due to the abilities in cutting-edge technologies of smartphones and AIoT, realme brings consumers products with leap-forward technologies and trendsetting designs that are first applied in the price segment.

At the beginning of 2020, realme announced its dual driven strategy of “Smartphone + AIoT”. In November of 2020, realme has just been named by Counterpoint's Q3 2020 smartphone shipment report to be the fastest growing brand to reach the 50 million smartphone sales milestone. In addition to this milestone, realme is also the world’s fastest-growing brand in Q3 as it grew 132% QoQ for the quarter, gaining momentum and surpassing analysts’ expectations. As the world's fastest-growing smartphone brand, realme stands firmly among the mainstream smartphone brands. At present, realme has entered 61 markets worldwide, including Asia, Europe, Oceania, Middle and East Africa, etc.

realme's DNA



To become a healthy and sustainable enterprise


To let more young people enjoy the happy life brought by beauty of technology

Overseas Market

At present, realme has entered 27 markets worldwide, including China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe, Russia, Australia, Egypt, etc.



realme has been named the world’s fastest growing brand to reach the 50 million smartphone sales milestone, and ranked seventh in the global smartphone shipment ranking, becoming the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand for 4 consecutive quarters


realme enters 61 markets around the world, covering 5 continents


realme achieves TOP 5 rankings in 13 global markets, among which the Philippines ranked second; Malaysia ranked third; Thailand, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Pakistan and Australia ranked fourth; Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore and Ukraine ranked fifth. In Southeast Asia, realme ranks fourth with a market share of 12%

8th August

realme founder and CEO Sky Li said in an interview with the top international media Financial Times: "We weren’t content with being a small-is-beautiful brand. We wanted to become a main player in the industry." Financial Times comments that realme “has carved out a leading position in Asia’s emerging markets"

2nd August

realme employees has spread across 5 continents, with more than 50 nationalities. Overseas employees accounted for more than a quarter, with an average age of 29. With the brand spirit of "Dare to Leap", the young and passionate realmers are racing to grow, and their strength leapfrogs exponentially

31th July

realme becomes the only smartphone brand in the world that achieved double-digit growth and was named the "fastest growing smartphone brand in the world" for four consecutive quarters, ranking seventh in the global smartphone rankings. (Counterpoint Q2 2020 smartphone shipment report)

24th July

realme founder and CEO Sky Li delivers the realme strategic goal in an interview with Global Times: realme will achieve 100 million smartphone sales in 2 to 3 years; maintain rapid development in the AIoT field; release more than 100 in 2021 AIoT products; and aims to become the leading brand of AIoT

16th July

realme releases its 125W UltraDart charging technology, opening a new era of 5G super flash charging

15th July

realme comes in third place in terms of market share in the Indian personal smart audio device market and becomes a mainstream brand in the Indian AIoT market with a 10% share

15th June

realme jumps to the Top 4 in the smartphone market in Egypt. (IDC market research report)

26th May

realme officially releases the X3 SuperZoom, with the Starry Mode for the first time

13th May

Narzo, a realme product series focusing on e-commerce, debuts for the first time and became the favorite performance smartphone for young players

4th May

realme was one of the only two brands in the world that achieved growth against the trend in Q1, with a year-on-year growth rate of 157%. (Counterpoint 2020 Q1 Market Research Report)

8th April

realme enters Ukraine, and within only one week and became among the Top 5 in the market due to a strong sales performance. (GFK April 2020 Market Research Report)

7th April

realme X2 Pro Master Edition designed by Fukasawa Naoto-Red Brick, and Concrete, wins the 2020 International Red Dot Design Award

24th February

realme releases its first 5G flagship smartphone, realme X50 Pro 5G, becoming one of the first manufacturers in the world to be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 5G mobile platform

24th February

realme officially enters the AIoT field, announced the "Smartphone + AIoT" strategy, and releases the AIoT smart hub realme Link. With a product strategy of “1+4+N”, realme builds a smart and trendsetting life with all things connected for young people

7th January

realme releases the first 5G product, realme X50 5G, in China, announcing that realme China has fully entered the 5G era. As a 5G popularizer, realme will provide young users around the world with 5G products of high quality performance and trendsetting design


realme X2 Pro won many heavyweight international media awards including Android Authority-"Editor's Best Choice Award" and GSM Arena-"Best Flagship Killer Smartphone 2019".

In 2019, realme's global smartphone shipments exceeded 25 million units

11th November

realme ranks TOP 4 in both India and Indonesia in the smartphone market. realme has the second largest online market share in India, becoming the fastest new brand in India to reach 8 million sales; realme Indonesia’s Q3 shipments increased 900% quarter-on-quarter compared to Q1 (IDC market research report)

1st November

realme enters Spain. In only one and a half months, it jumped to be among the Top 5 in the market, becoming Spain’s “fastest growing smartphone brand.” (Counterpoint smartphone shipment report in November 2019)

28th October

realme ranks seventh among the global smartphone brands with 10 million smartphone shipments, with a growth rate of 808%, the world's "fastest growing smartphone brand in the world." (Counterpoint 2019 Q3 smartphone shipment report)


realme announces that it became the first smartphone manufacturer equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Series 5G chips, and releases the world’s first 64-megapixel smartphone realme XT

14th June

realme enters the Russian markets

4th May

realme officially enters the Chinese market and releases the world’s first smartphone product realme X with a pop-up camera at a price below RMB1,500

31th March

realme accelerates its global market networks and officially enters the European market


realme successfully enters 10 markets including India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, and Pakistan

22th November

realme becomes the number one emerging smartphone brand in the Indian market, with the number of smartphone users exceeding 3 million. (Cybermedia Research market research report)

9th October

realme enters the Southeast Asian market and reaches a strategic cooperation with Lazada, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. realme 2 Pro broke 33 billion rupiah in sales in three minutes, breaking the platform’s sales records


realme achieves a record 2 million smartphone sales during Diwali, as part of India's largest e-commerce festival

28th August

realme was established and releases the product realme 2 in India

4th May

realme establishes its brand values

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